About Me

In case you haven’t guessed, pink is my favourite colour. My love for the hue extends to my car – a baby pink Nissan Figaro named Princess Pearl.

I share my life with two Meezers (Siamese Cats), Mei and Peanut. They can often be spotted walking across my screen in design review calls (sorry!).


Alongside my client-based work, I work under the guise ‘I’m Lucy’ creating typography-led digital illustration and animation led by my tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Expect chunky letters, clashing colour and rude words as anti-motivational artwork bounces across your screen.


In 2020, I took my first freelance design job, pairing my digital design skills with my extensive knowledge and interest in brand building. This unique combination has led me to create eye-catching branding, packaging and digital design for over 30 clients in just 2 years.

You can listen to me talk more about my career in chocolate to Fiona Grayson as part of the She Can. She Did. Podcast, recorded in 2020.

Affirmations For Designers

Affirmation cards for the real world, filled with stuff I tell myself as a freelance Graphic Designer everyday! This project was created as a showcase for my new font ‘I’m Lucy’, and involved the creation of a set of Affirmation cards and packaging.